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Rosa Landabur

  Performing Artist 


Performing arts director/ Multidisciplinary scenic artist.

Rosa Maria Landabur Parada (1984- Chile)

Graduated in Performing Arts at Universidad Mayor (2009). Since 2017 she lives in Mexico.

She is a creator, stage director, actress, teacher and theatre maker. Her artistic search is focused on the rescue of unofficial stories of peripheral and dissident territories, promoting spaces for dialogue around history and identity construction; delving into issues of colonialism, homeland, race, syncretism, abandonment, questioning truth and morality. She explores visuality, the body, space and atmospheres as materiality of the scenic story and configuration of memory and imaginary. Her creations are about social symptoms expressed on stage, using different languages: theater, performance, dance, installation, expanded arts.

Artistic Director of Landabur&Cia (MX).

Curator and producer of "Feyentun: native nations performing arts festival" (CL).

Collaborates with Cie l'insoumise (FR) and KimvnTeatro (CL) She has presented her work in Chile, Mexico and Spain.


The exotic, the different, what bewitches us, the diverse, what catches the eye... is exposed to the eyes of the curious, the powerful, the naive, the perverse, the neophyte, the expert, the citizen.

A showcase, a zoo, a device of power where the body of a Mexican folkloric dancer is exhibited, activated and violated by the viewer.

The expertise is concentrated and unfolds, the worldview of a territory in a body, through its movement.

NEW MEXICAN ZOOLOGIQUE It is an Interactive Performance, which reflects on identity, otherness, colonialism and the contemporary folklorization of the subaltern world, through a cross between the Human Zoos (carried out in the 19th century in Europe) and the current Mexican Folk Dance.

A work that circulates between performance, dance, theatricality and museum exhibition. A reflection and critique of the folklorization and exoticization of the subaltern world.


Creation and direction

Nuevo Zoologique Mexicano
Communication practices with plants

Body collective practice / Creation

Corporal practice that arises in a process of artistic residency within the framework of the project "Danzas Vegetales"
During the year 2021, I was invited to reside for a month in the Huerto Roma Verde located in Mexico City. In the context of a pandemic and isolation, this practice was born that seeks to dialogue with plants horizontally, leaving anthropocentric logic in a search for collaboration with the plant world.

The practice is a participatory scenic device and has been performed in Mexico City, Belfast in Northern Ireland and Bogotá, Colombia.

- Tragedy in the Altiplano -


Stage and Artistic Direction

Plot Synopsis

“In the small and abandoned town of Alcérreca, in the middle of the Chilean Altiplano, near Putre, at an altitude of 3,980 meters, lives Gabriela, a 25-year-old Aymara shepherdess. She is one of the last 10 inhabitants of the town, almost all of them have emigrated to the big cities looking for a better future. Alcérreca is disappearing and Gabriela is a witness and protagonist of this process. Tired of this dying town and its family reality, she has decided to free her young son, the only child in Alcérreca, from the fatal fate of a life of loneliness and isolation. The first dawn after Carnival, Gabriela, like someone who buries the future of a race, offers her son to the desert and leaves him there.”

Héroe de Peñablanca


Stage and artistic direction

Work inspired by the controversial case of the seer Miguel Ángel Poblete, which occurred in the 1980s in Villa Alemana.

The work functions as a "road movie" that shows the different stages of our hero's journey: an orphan boy who seeks faith, an orphan boy who seeks his false mother, a teenager who meets the Virgin and is transformed in assassin. A woman who claims to be a descendant of Russian tsars. Our hero boy is looking for something with a taste of origin; and can't find it. And he gets tired. And it stops. And he looks for it again. And they all become clues, signs of something he's not ready to understand.

​La Mémoire Bafouée

Documentary Theater, by Cie l'insoumise

Directing assistance and creative advice

Theatrical work that investigates the traces lodged in the body and the DNA of a woman, the result of the transgenerational inheritance of territorial uprooting and the forced exile of her mother, in the context of the Chilean dictatorship.

Through a fragmented identity, the consequences of a historical trauma that is repeated over and over again are evident. An incessant search between not belonging, the feeling of survival, the unconditional love towards CHILE like an open wound and the impossible reconciliation between its different interior territories;

“La mémoire Bafouée” navigates between the intimate, the social and the political as an act of resistance of a feminist memory.

Documentary Theater Work, transdisciplinary, that brings together performing arts, cinema, music and science, created in a mixed way; virtual and face-to-face, in the context of the global pandemic.

Collaboration between Cie LÍsoumice, France and Kimvn Teatro, Chile.

I fought a whale at Niagara Falls

Stage Direction 

Information in progress...

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